5 Ways to Predict Landscape Drainage Issues

Posted by: Chris
Date: February 7, 2022

Landscape Drainage Issues

Have you been noticing suspicious pools of water in your yard? Are your gutters not draining out the way they should be? These and other landscape drainage issues may be signs that your drainage isn’t proceeding in the right fashion. They can be indicators that a minor problem is about to develop into a big one.

Is Water Still Pooling After a Storm?

If your yard in Raleigh is still muddy even days after a storm, this can be a sign of poor drainage. Pooling water is one of the most common landscape drainage issues in the area. Your best bet is to take notice of the issue and act before it grows into a larger one. If not, the issue is sure to get worse.

Pooling water may be a sign of clogged drains in your yard. It may also be the result of your sump pump backing up. Whatever the issue may be, it will make for a nasty mess. If not treated in time, your entire yard could be flooded out. This is a situation that calls for fast diagnosis and treatment by an expert.

Is Water Building Up in Your Spouts?

Another tell tale sign of landscape drainage issues is water pooling up in your spouts. If this occurs, you will have a blockage that could lead to messy pools of water and debris all over your yard. The water that forms can quickly turn putrid. This can cause harmful bacteria and mold to build up into a hazard.

It’s a very good idea to inspect your drain spouts on a regular basis. This is crucial to make sure that they are doing their job in the proper fashion. If you notice any blockages, now is the time to take action to remove them. If you are not able to do so, you can hire an expert local service to do the job for you.

Is the Soggy Area Still Getting Bigger?

You may already have noticed and taken measures to deal with soggy areas in your yard. This is one of the most severe landscape drainage issues that home owners report. However, you may also have to admit that nothing you do seems to work. The soggy area in your yard may still be there and may even be growing larger.

This may be due to any number of causes. If you have recently had rain storms or are expecting them, the problem may grow even worse. The area may continue to grow larger, causing your yard to become a serious health hazard. If this occurs, you can experience serious and very costly damage to your property.

Is the Soil in Your Yard Eroding?

One of the most unpleasant landscape drainage issues that you can experience is soil erosion. This can happen when the water backing up in your yard is allowed to sit for too long. It can slowly but surely start to eat away at the soil in your yard. This can leave your property a soggy mess where nothing can grow.

You may notice the formation of rivulets in the affected area. The water may soon turn nasty, thanks to the growth of bacteria and mold. You may also begin to see fissures forming under the water. This is due to soil in your yard being eroded. The time to call in experts to drain the area and fix the issue is now.

Do You Notice Stains on Your Foundation?

There are few things more worrying to a home owner than a potential issue with their foundation. This is the area that literally underpins the entire structure of your home. It’s a problem that goes well beyond average landscape drainage issues. You will be in serious trouble if it develops a crack or an open break.

Your best bet in a situation like this is to get to the root of the issue. You can do so by doing a full inspection of your foundation. Landscape drainage issues can cause water to pool around or leave stains on your foundation.

If you notice any such stains, you need to take action right away. If water is left too long at the base, it can begin to erode and crack your foundation. This is an issue that can lead to damage that costs serious money to repair.

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