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Thank you for visiting Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions, LLC. Since you are here, you must be experiencing yard drainage issues, foundation, crawlspace or basement water intrusion or moisture issues.

The majority of drainage problems are usually caused by an inadequate pitch or slope in your yard which prevents water runoff from being diverted away from the house. The issue is often complicated by lack of downspouts or if downspouts are installed they do not pipe away the rain gutter water from the property.

We also understand how damaging a basement or crawl space moisture problem can be to your home, health, and personal possessions. Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions, LLC is a waterproofing, foundation and crawl space repair company serving the Sandhills & Raleigh area. We offer reliable knowledge, experience and best practices for ensuring your home is dry and safe. We look for effective, efficient and permanent solutions to your water problems and we deliver quality expertise, workmanship, and service.

We Provide Professional Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions in Many North Carolina Cities. Such As:


Apex / Cary



Estimates are free within a 60 mile radius of the Raleigh/Garner area. However, anything outside the 60 mile radius will require a $200.00 TRIP/ESTIMATE charge.

Our Written Estimates Include:

✓ On-site personal inspection of your home

✓ A detailed written plan for solving your yard drainage issues, foundation, basement or crawlspace water intrusion or moisture problem

✓ A written cost quote and estimated timeline for completing the work

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free estimate or to discuss any water leaks or drainage problems in your home.

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