Waterproofing Services in Raleigh

waterproofing services

Waterproofing your home is critical for its enduring livability, as well as for your health, safety, and comfort. When your home shows signs of water leakage or seepage, it is critical you call the experts for help before the problem increases. Although we expose ourselves to water every day, this necessary element can destroy the toughest surfaces in your home. Even worse, it does so quietly over time. Before you know it, and ignored sign of water seepage becomes a bigger and costlier problem than you expected.

Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions, LLC of Raleigh and Garner, North Carolina has long provided Sandhill area residents with a range of drainage and waterproofing services. Also, we are experts in detecting, finding and resolving your waterproofing problems. Furthermore, we use the right equipment, materials, methods and practices to ensure your home stays dry and safe. 

Our waterproofing services include:

  1. Basement Waterproofing

  2. Basement Moisture Control

  3. Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation

  4. French Drains

  5. Retaining Walls

  6. Sealed Crawl Spaces

  7. Basement or Crawl Space Interior Drain Systems

If you suspect or find signs of moisture, seeping or leaks in your home’s foundation, basement or crawl space, call the professionals of Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions at (919)-508-7503. Additionally, we are pleased to provide free written estimates that include an on-site personal inspection, detailed written resolution plan, estimated timeline for completion and price quote. Also, these estimates are available for homes and other properties within a 60-mile radius of the Raleigh/Garner area.

What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing keeps water from intruding into your home or other structure. This intrusion can include anything from very subtle seepage to rampant flooding after storms. Furthermore, as a professional waterproofing company, Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions uses multiple approaches and materials in our work. The majority of waterproofing-related problems in a home require a fully customized and multi-faceted approach for successful results.

Why does my home or other property need waterproofing services?

Many people believe that a well-built home should not have waterproofing problems. But your home needs moisture and waterproofing services after construction, despite some measures being taken during the building phase. These measures are often critical toward keeping the interior environment dry, healthy and safe. 

Inadequate or improper waterproofing leads to dampness in places like your basement or crawlspace. Additionally, this can enable mildew growth. Mildew destroys your personal effects and smells terrible. It pollutes the air, leading to allergic reactions and symptoms like frequent headaches and vomiting. Furthermore, mildew triggers asthma, respiratory problems and liver damage, too.

Fungi also grows in a damp environment, particularly where there is stagnant water. Also, this growth damages your property by causing rot on supports and in walls, often resulting in structural damage. Fungi also damages concrete by growing into foundation walls. There, it creates cracks by freezing in cold temperatures. Obviously, waterproofing services is critical for the health and safety of residents, as well as the building structure, itself.

Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions experts provide each customer with a customized control plan for our moisture and waterproofing services. No two properties are alike. Also, this makes it critical for professionals to design waterproofing services to suit your individual needs. 

Six signs you may need waterproofing services include:

  1. Musty basement air
  2. Cracked basement walls or floors
  3. Improperly fitting doors and windows
  4. Uncontrolled mold problems
  5. Inefficient water drainage system
  6. Sump pump problems

Tips for Keeping Your Basement Dry…For Now

If your basement is musty, moist, or wet, you can take some immediate steps to keep it dry. Of course, some of these signs indicate you need professional waterproofing services. Furthermore, the experts inspect the inside and outside of your home, particularly around the foundation, in the basement, and throughout crawl spaces to find specific causes of your moisture problem. Additionally, they use what they discover to develop a comprehensive action plan for reliable home waterproofing services.

Measures you can take right now to keep your basement dry include:

  1. Use a dehumidifier for damp areas
  2. Insulate cold surfaces
  3. Fix all basement cracks
  4. Repair problems with the sump pump
  5. Extract accumulated water right away
  6. Do not let water stand around your foundation
  7. Fix broken and clogged rain gutters
  8. Fix plumbing leaks
  9. Extend downspouts to keep rainwater away from your foundation
  10. Avoid adding moisture to the basement by storing wet items there
  11. Mitigate mold and mildew growth
  12. Check for water contamination, such as by sewer lines beneath your property
  13. Look for signs of damage in the basement after flooding
  14. Call the experts to find and permanently fix your moisture control problems

Moisture control problems can start almost anywhere around your foundation, in the basement or even from the roof. Also, there are many places to look, to find the root cause of your waterproofing problems. It is also critical that you enlist the experts to find the actual root issue. Otherwise, you face learning later that bigger and costlier problems continued over time or beneath any DIY surface repairs.

Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions Waterproofs Your Property

At Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions of Raleigh and Garner, North Carolina, we use a multitude of methods to fulfill your waterproofing needs. Additionally, you do not have to know the cause of your moisture problems. We find these issues for you and develop a custom service plan to permanently address the issues. 

Some of our most in-demand services in the Sandhill area of Raleigh, North Carolina include basement moisture control, crawl space sealing, exterior drainage systems and interior drainage systems. Also, below is more information about these services:

Basement Moisture Control

Basements are typically where unwanted moisture and water first enter a home. This seepage, dampness or accumulation takes place because groundwater and runoff can find its way into the tiniest of crevices to breech or even create larger spaces. After all, water created the Grand Canyon over time. So, your basement foundation is no match for the erosion power of this seemingly harmless natural element.

Unfortunately, basement moisture typically recurs. When you spot a small issue, it will only continue and grow over time. Also, as the problem increases, so does its damaging effects on your environment, structure and health.

Some of the most common causes of basement moisture include:

  1. Poor water drainage around the foundation
  2. Cracked basement walls
  3. Water draining beneath the basement floor
  4. Poorly sealed walls and joints
  5. Improperly repaired basement structural damage
  6. Inadequate basement moisture control

Finding the precise causes of basement moisture requires the expert knowledge and field experience of your local professionals. Furthermore, you can trust the pros of Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions to determine why your basement has moisture issues and how to fix these problems right the first time.

Crawl Space Sealing

Another waterproof service provided by Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions is crawl space sealing. Crawl spaces provide professionals with essential access beneath your structure for repairs, upgrades and maintenance. But these areas often enable cold drafts and moisture to enter your home, causing a range of damaging effects and affecting your comfort. Waterproofing services through crawl space sealing provides multiple benefits beyond just moisture control. Sealing enables better control of your home climate and health, too.

Exterior Drainage Systems

Most homes today feature plastic PVC drain pipes around the exterior of the foundation. These are meant to drain water away from the structure, but often clog with environmental debris. As a result, your home experiences moisture control problems.

Exterior foundation waterproofing services often improves through installation or replacement of a French drain system. These exterior drainage pipes around the foundation footer prevent water infiltration. The process often incorporates use of a waterproof membrane along the exterior foundation wall, as well. French drain service requires expert care and supervision because damage often occurs during the backfill process. Additionally, for these professional services, you can trust the experts of Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions of Raleigh and Garner, NC.

Interior Drainage Systems

Interior drainage systems are the most common method for basement waterproofing. These systems use a sump pump system and perimeter drain to capture and remove water. Furthermore, if you need foundation waterproofing, this type of system is also the least disruptive method. 

For installation of your interior drainage system, the pros of Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions breech the concrete basement floor for installation of drainage piping. This piping routes water that enters your basement into a removal system called a sump pump. Also, the sump pump works on electrical power, usually with a backup battery for power outages. Along with sump pump installation, our waterproofing experts implement methods to not just reduce basement water, but to eliminate moisture altogether.

Waterproofing Requires Professional Knowledge and Expertise

Contrary to DIY proponents’ claims, waterproofing requires the expert care and knowledge of professionals. Also, these pros must find the root causes of your water problems for a permanent repair. Otherwise, you are re-enacting the tale of the little boy who put his finger in the leaking dam. Eventually, temporary fixes lead to more damaging and expensive problems.

Contact Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions in Raleigh and Garner, North Carolina today to schedule your home waterproofing consultation. We provide custom waterproofing services and cost estimates to solve your precise moisture or drainage problems. Lastly, call us at (919) 508-7503.