Solving Yard Drainage Problems with Cost-Effective Solutions

Posted by: Chris
Date: July 2, 2021

Solving Yard Drainage Problems with Cost Effective Solutions

Ineffective yard drainage is a frustrating problem for a homeowner. When you have yard drainage problems, there are sections of your property that you cannot use. Every time it rains, you can feel like you live on a swamp. Then, by the time the wet earth dries, it seems to rain again. Your yard drainage issues can also cause water leaks into your home, such as through the basement or crawl space

If you suffer these yard drainage problems with precipitation, you need sensible solutions. Those yard drainage solutions come from the professionals of Raleigh’s own Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions, LLC.

Common Yard Drain Water Issues

An improperly draining yard can cause many issues. Our service technicians have seen all of these yard drainage problems. Expert yard drainage solutions for minor and often more serious effects caused by water. Therefore, no matter where your drainage issues fall on the spectrum of minor to major, Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions will solve your problem. Hence, we respect your frustration and need to find appropriate yard drainage solutions.

Some of the most common yard drainage problems experienced by Raleigh area homeowners include:

  • A consistently soggy yard that always leads to mower ruts
  • Muddy tracks left all over your driveway and other hardscaping or even into your home
  • Landscaping bed erosion every time we experience heavy rains
  • Flooding on walkways, patios, driveways or other hardscaping
  • Need for repeated power washing after storms
  • Pooling water creating a pond on your patio or in the yard, leading to mosquito breeding
  • A swampy, unusable yard after rains or even year-round
  • Water leeching into your basement or crawlspace because of yard drainage problems

Yard Drainage Solutions

If you have yard drainage problems or fear new additions to your property, such as hardscaping or construction, can lead to these concerns, call Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions of Raleigh. We can provide options to improve the state of your yard. There are multiple yard drainage solutions at your disposal and well-suited to this region. These solutions focus on directing water away from your home and outdoor living spaces.

Common Yard Drainage Solutions Include:

Grading is an excellent solution for many yard drainage problems. This process creates the appropriate slope for your yard to direct surface water away from your home. But you do not have to worry about a major landscaping or yard surface change. Many instances of grading as a yard drainage solution are subtle, yet make significant differences in your outdoor property quality.

Underground Piping
Underground piping is another typical yard drainage solution. This piping moves water off the bulk of your property to the lowest area of your yard where it can drain away. This drainage area is often common to multiple homes in your neighborhood.

Retention Areas
Retention areas are eco-friendly drainage solutions that create a retention area for water to drain. This area allows the water to absorb into specific ground, instead of flooding your yard. You can have an attractive retention area constructed as an oasis, such as one with decorative rocks and water dwelling plants.

Downspouts are another common solution for yard drainage problems. However, these are often improperly directed right to the home’s foundation where the routed water can cause bigger problems. Some of these problems include flooding the yard, eroding plant beds and destroying landscaping, not to mention allowing water to enter your basement or crawl space. At Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions, we properly construct downspouts and improve upon improperly constructed ones.

Call Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions’ Pros for Solutions to Your Yard Drainage Problems

Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions’ pros approach each customer’s needs with the mindset of creating the most cost-effective and appropriate yard drainage solutions. This is because we use our experience and the right methods to suit your property’s precise needs. In conclusion, if you have yard drainage problems in Raleigh, Southern Pines, Fayetteville or surrounding areas of NC, call us Monday through Friday at (919) 508-7503.