Basement or Crawl Space Interior Drain System

Is your home or business in need of an interior drain system? One of the key tenets for waterproofing a home’s basement revolves around removing the water that leaks into a basement. This prevents things like erosion and cracks from forming in the basement or crawl space substructure.

The problem is that this isn’t always enough to remove excess water. This diversion may protect the walls while allowing water to seep underneath the basement. However, this results in water infiltration, flooding, and other damaging situations.

An interior drain system can represent the solution that you need to keep your basement dry. It adds a significant amount of drainage to the basement. In turn, this helps redistribute water that drains down walls. It also collects beneath the basement itself. Let’s take a closer look at how these drains work to better understand their uses.

Basement Drainage System

The Basement or Crawl Space Drain System

The basic interior drain for a basement works by acting similar to how a drain works for any sink. It allows for water to collect on a horizontal plane. Then it allows it to drain downwards by using the force of gravity.

When introduced into a basement, this allows for the water that pools around the basement to be taken away. This water can be drained beneath the basement or crawlspace at a safe distance. Also, it can be taken away from the basement to a french drain. A french drain extends outside the basement or to a sump pump.

Both solutions are designed to solve a small to moderate amount of seepage into a basement. This is ideal for some basements, but not all.

When is Just a Drain Insufficient?

Most homeowners opt for one or two waterproofing solutions when it comes to keeping their basements dry. This may be sufficient in areas where there is relatively little rain. However, it can also become problematic if too much rainfall exists for a period of time.

During Raleigh’s summers, for example, rainfall can become problematic. If the ground becomes saturated and further rain continues to fall, this rain will generally opt for any vacant areas, which typically includes a basement.

If only a drain exists, then the basement will only have a limited amount of protection against water infiltration. The drain may reach a maximum volume of water that it can carry away, which in turn means that the excess water will inevitably spill into the basement.

This could ruin your belongings, harm your basement, and hurt your home’s foundation.

How Should Basement Drains Be Used?

Interior basement drains should be used in combination with a more comprehensive waterproofing system. Its should include everything from a synthetic coating onto the basement walls to a drain system that works from both the interior and the exterior of the basement.

This accomplishes a two-fold purpose:
1. Some excess water is diverted from the exterior of the basement. This greatly reduces the amount that will affect the interior while ensuring that the soil surrounding the exterior stays less than fully saturated.
2. Removing any interior leakage while providing a waterproof seal between the outside and the interior of the basement.
This combination provides a significantly more effective basement drain system, which in turn minimizes the impact of water infiltration while ensuring that your basement stays dry.

An Interior Drain Should Not Be Just a Drain

When you are looking for an interior basement drain to keep your basement’s interior dry, then you need something more than just a simple drain. Your basement drain should:
– Seal water into a channel that runs from the floor and wall joist down to the bottom of your basement.
– Remove water using gravity.
– Move the water to an area where it will not detrimentally affect the rest of your basement.

At Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions, LLC, we specialize in providing this comprehensive type of drainage system. Rather than installing a drain that will just reduce the amount of water in your basement, we aim to eliminate moisture from your basement completely.

We utilize our years of waterproofing experience, the latest in waterproofing innovations and a dedication to you, our customers, to provide the best quality solutions.

Lastly, To learn more about our basement waterproofing solutions, contact us by calling (919) 235-5219.