6 Tips to Conquer Yard Drainage Problems

Posted by: Chris
Date: September 2, 2021

6 Tips to Fix Yard Drainage Problems in North Carolina

Conquer Yard Drainage Problems

In an earlier blog at DrainagenWaterproofing.com, we explored some common causes of a muddy yard. Now, let’s explore six ways to fix yard drainage problems in North Carolina. Of course, the easiest way to understand why your yard does not drain as it should is to call on the pros of Drainage & Waterproofing for help. Meanwhile, we provide these insights into solving drainage issues around your Raleigh, Southern Pines or Fayetteville area home.

1. Extend Downspouts on Your Gutters

Your home needs an effectively designed gutter system to direct water from the roof to the ground for it to drain away. But if water pools near your foundation, your downspouts are probably not doing their job. Water pooling at the corners of your foundation or creating a muddy soup in these areas can quickly lead to bigger problems. 

An easy solution is extension of your gutter downspouts to direct the water away from your home. You can also install a catch basin to fix yard drainage problems like these.

2. Install a French Drain

French drains are another way to cease yard’s drainage issues. This type of drain uses an underground drainpipe and pea gravel to properly channel water from where it pools to where it can effectively flow away.

Drainage & Waterproofing professionals install French drains to improve the yard condition and prevent foundation damage for homeowners in Raleigh, Southern Pines and Fayetteville, NC. We also serve surrounding communities.

3. Install Retaining Walls

If you soil and landscaping are eroding with each rainfall, you probably need to fix yard drainage problems. Retaining walls can hold your landscaping beautifully in place, preventing this type of erosion. They also prevent foundation damage caused by erosion and washed-up soil. 

Drainage & Waterproofing is your local expert for North Carolina retaining walls. We can install retaining walls to fix drainage problems and the foundation damage erosion of this nature causes. 

4. Add a Swale Creek Bed

If Mother Nature is working against your lawn and foundation, sometimes you can fix yard drainage problems by working with nature. An example of this is creating a creek bed where the flooding problems occur. 

This process begins with digging a shallow drainage ditch, called a swale. You define the swale’s shape by lining it with rocks to prevent yard erosion and run-off. During the hottest and driest months of the year, even a dry stone-lined creek bed can provide an attractive feature for your property.

As an addition to your creek bed, consider installing a rain garden where the diverted water flows. A rain garden is one filled with plants that thrive in swampier conditions.

5. Create a Dry Well

A dry well is another way to direct run-off to fix yard drainage problems. Instead of installing a rain garden at the run-off point of your swale creek bed, you create a place for the excess moisture to absorb back into the soil. This requires arrangement of the creek bed stones to direct the water to the well. It is important to cover the dry well’s opening with a grate to ensure the safety of people and pets. 

6. Consult with the Pros Who Can Fix Yard Drainage Problems

The easiest way to fix yard drainage problems once and for all is to call upon the pros who provide the right services and solutions. In the Raleigh, Fayetteville and Southern Pines areas of North Carolina, you can find those pros at Drainage & Waterproofing. 

We have the knowledge, skill, equipment and experience to properly fix yard drainage problems. At the same time, we protect your foundation, basement, crawlspaces and landscaping from water damage and erosion. We also provide waterproofing and moisture control services for basements and crawl spaces. Call the local professionals of Drainage & Waterproofing today at (919)508-7503.