Use a Waterproofing Basement Repair Company to Accomplish Five Popular Projects

Posted by: Chris
Date: May 12, 2021
waterproofing basement repair company

Today, economic hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic prompt many households to explore ways to earn additional money. Finishing or remodeling a basement may ultimately increase the value of realty. Consider asking an experienced waterproofing basement repair company for assistance with this project.

In North Carolina, Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions, LLC offers skilled services. We realize a fully finished, useful basement tends to increase property values. You’ll want to ensure this type of project remains waterproof, however. Disastrous consequences occur when NC realty owners attempt to improve leaking or damp basements without addressing waterproofing first.

Important Precautions

Consider consulting with a waterproofing basement repair company before initiating any of these popular projects. Homeowners may discover they increase the value of their realty by exploring these exciting building modifications. Of course, not every project proves suitable in every site.

Before starting any of these projects, experts recommend taking two important steps. First, consult with an experienced real estate attorney about your plans. It may prove necessary to comply with zoning laws, municipal regulations, and HOA rules. Occasionally, homeowners discover they cannot finish (or remodel) their realty for a desired purpose.

Second, all of these projects do require an investment. It usually makes sense to discuss remodeling funding in advance with specialists. Create a realistic budget before starting construction. Taking this step may prevent disappointment at a later date.

Five Popular Basement Building Projects

Currently, property owners in the Raleigh Area often search for smart home improvements. Finishing or remodeling a basement sometimes furthers this goal. Homeowners frequently explore these exciting projects:

1. Finish Your Basement to Expand The Size of Your Home

In many cases, improving an unfinished basement provides a way to increase the value of your reality. Also, the scope of the project usually hinges upon the size of the available unfinished space. The website reports finishing a basement of 400 to 1500 square feet on average costs $18,395.

2. Remodel Your Basement to Create a Rental Apartment

In some places, homeowners can rent a finished basement to tenants. This capability may help generate extra income. Also, possessing a floorplan with a separate outside entrance usually matters.

3. Install a New Home Office in Your Basement

Do you work extensively from home? Sometimes NC property owners remodel basements to create home offices. The cost varies widely. Expect to pay between $10,000 and $30,000 for this project.

4. Create a Basement Beauty Salon

Licensed beauticians sometimes install hair salons in residential basements. This project requires close adherence to zoning laws. Also, the cost of this remodeling covers a broad spectrum. Consider starting on a small scale, and expanding as your business grows.

5. Outfit Your Basement to Serve as a Commercial Kitchen

Installing a commercial kitchen assists many small businesses. Caterers, bakeries, and meal delivery firms sometimes use this strategy. Furthermore, creating a commercial kitchen may offer an alternative to operating a food truck. The cost of building a commercial kitchen in Winston-Salem stands at approximately $149.47 per square foot. Always check local ordinances and health department rules carefully before launching this project!

Why Dry, Waterproof Basements Matter

Why should you call upon a waterproofing basement repair company before undertaking finishing or remodeling? Basically, damp, wet conditions will destroy fine craftsmanship. Even elegant remodeling sustains harm if the premises do not remain waterproof!

Every year, some homeowners in North Carolina sustain preventable losses due to water damage. You must repair moist, wet conditions in order to enjoy the benefits of construction projects. Water damages wood, drywall, carpeting, and many other building materials. Also, by including waterproofing measures in a basement renovation project, you’ll increase the chance of long-term success. A waterproofing basement repair company contributes solid value.

By working closely with this type of contractor, a homeowner may avoid water damage due to waterproofing failures. Water causes wood to rot and warp. Moist conditions may lead to mold and mildew formation. Also, these problems usually require a remodeler to completely replace installations. The bottom line: address waterproofing concerns before launching a basement finishing or remodeling project!

Obtain Waterproofing Basement Repair Company Services

Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions, LLC assists real estate owners in North Carolina. We offer experienced waterproofing basement repair company services. Call us to ensure your basement supplies dry, waterproof living spaces. Before beginning any home remodeling project, it makes sense to prevent dampness and leaks.

Our company serves residents of Raleigh, NC. We also assist customers in outlying areas, including Southern Pines and Fayetteville. Contact us at (919)508-7503. We look forward to helping you!