How to Prepare the Ultimate Drainage Checklist

Posted by: Chris
Date: September 11, 2023

Ensuring proper drainage in your home is a long-term battle. This war must be waged if you want to keep your home free of excess moisture and flooding. Doing so will ensure a happy, healthy environment for you and your family. The best way to keep on top of this issue is to prepare a drainage checklist. Here are the essentials on how to get started.

Make Sure the Proper Drains Are Present

This is by no means the given that it may appear to be. In fact, one of the biggest issues that a homeowner may face is a lack of proper drainage. Before you purchase a property, make sure to be shown all of the draining areas. You will also want to get them tested by an expert. This will be your best protection against future flooding issues.

Do You Have Enough Drains?

The next step on your drainage checklist is to ensure that you have the proper number of drains. If you have a property that extends for 30,000 square feet, you are going to need more than one or two drains. 

Most architects and home safety experts maintain that at least half a dozen drains are needed on a property of this extent. You can then extrapolate the number of drains that will be needed on a property of your size.  

You Will Need the Correct Style of Drain

Beyond the mere number of drains your property possesses is the issue of whether they are the correct ones. There are many different types of drains including the following:

  • Deck drains
  • Trench drains
  • Surface drains
  • Planter drains
  • Subsurface drains
  • Open drains
  • Slope drains
  • Downspouts and gutters

The type of drain that you select will depend on the location you place it in as well as the purpose you intend for it to fulfill. You can hire an expert service to review drain placement on your property. This will help to ensure that all of the drains are the right ones for the task.

Are There Drains in All of the Correct Locations?

The next item on your drainage checklist should be to make sure that you have drains in every area that they need to be. This is rather different than simply placing drains in random areas around your property. 

There are certain areas, such as a planter or a deck section surrounded by walls, that desperately require proper drainage. However, there is no need to place two or three drains in an area where one will do the job. This is an area where a homeowner will benefit from the advice of an expert drainage service. 

Pay Attention to the Direction of Drainage

It’s a very good idea to pay attention to the direction in which your drainage tends to flow. Doing so will keep water from flowing into your home. You want to be able to direct the current of drainage into areas where it is least likely to cause harm to your property. You also want to keep it from causing trouble for your neighbors.

The idea will be to allow water to thoroughly evacuate your property. It can do so via the medium of a waterproofed membrane surface. This will require confirming your precise drain details with a local drainage service team. 

You may need to make your applicator and plumber aware that the drainage mat is in place. This will normally extend under the clamping ring. This will let them know that you are not relying on minuscule weep holes to vacate the membrane surface.

Your decks and other areas should always be placed on a downward slope toward the drain. A flat deck has a very high potential to collect standing water. It may be wise to relocate your deck to an area that is in better shape to withstand potential flooding. 

Set Your Drains at the Correct Height

All of the drains on your property need to be able to collect water and draw it away from your home. To do so, they need to be set at the correct angle and height. This is an area that may require direct assistance from a qualified team of drainage experts. They can come to your home and quickly take correct measurements. 

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