Understanding Drainage Boards and Footing Drains

Posted by: Chris
Date: May 11, 2023

Dealing with water seepage can be a major issue in the Raleigh-Durham area. This is because of low water tables, frequent storms, and other issues. If your home has dealt with flooding issues, now is the time to solve them. Your best bet will be to get your basement and adjacent area waterproofed with a drainage board system. To do so, you need to know what you are facing.

Water Seepage is a Perennial Hazard

Water seepage is one of the biggest threats that your home can face. This is due to the potential damage that it can cause to your foundation. Excess moisture has a tendency to widen cracks and create leaks. This can encourage the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. The result is a damp, stinky, area that can harm the air quality of your home.

The damage that standing water can do is immense. If allowed to stay in place for too long, it will begin to breed bacteria. It will also cause excess humidity and dampness that can cause your HVAC system to work overtime. The end result will be an environment that will be very uncomfortable. You may even be forced to abandon your home.

Why Do You Need a Drainage Board?

One of the simplest and most effective ways to address water seepage in your home is to install a drainage board. This is a system that, depending on the needs of your home, can be either single or multi-layered. It is most often made of a flexible material known as polypropylene. Many will be covered with a specially designed textile surface.

After it has been installed, the drainage boards will be placed on top of a specially applied waterproofing system. This is usually put on via a spray or peel-and-stick method. A foundation board is usually recognizable due to being composed of a series of plastic sheets that appear to be covered with dimples.

The side that features these dimples will be placed toward your foundation. Once in place, the dimples that cover the sheer will create a small gap of air between the board and the wall. In other words, the board works as a viable barrier that will move water away from your foundation. It does so by collecting it and pushing it into a drain.

Some types of foundation board are covered with a special textile-based fabric. This fabric will be attached to the side that shows the dimples. This fabric is designed to allow water to pass over to the core of the board. As it does so, it helps to reduce pressure. It also serves to trap and remove any dirt or debris that is in the water.

Why Do You Need a Foundation Drain?

Foundation drains are one of the most useful implements that you can install in your basement to prevent excess moisture from collecting. They are usually fitted to new construction in order to divert water and prevent future damage. If this action does not occur, the water will stand in place. This will lead to all kinds of problems.

These handy drains are attached to the outside of the foundation wall. Once in place, they will prove useful in preventing water from reaching the foundation of your home. They also serve to divert water away from the foundation. Once on the move, it will be pushed toward a drain. As a result, the water is never given a chance to stagnate.

Foundation drains are designed to work in close conjunction with the foundation board that you have previously installed. They will be placed in a position that is directly adjacent to the foundation. They can be installed on the footing either directly inside or outside of the building. Once in place, they can safely begin to divert excess water.

Footing drains are usually made out of corrugated pipe. The pipe is mottled with many thousands of small punctures that let water in. They are covered with a fabric that filters out debris. These drains are normally installed in convenient locations that surround the entire structure.

These drains form a system that works hand in hand with your foundation board. The boards drain water toward the drains. Once there, the drains will then help to conduct this moisture away from the building. Ir can then be diverted toward a storm system or sump pump.

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