Water Intrusion Companies Recommend Summertime Gutter And Downspout Maintenance

Posted by: Chris
Date: September 16, 2020

The arrival of warm weather in North Carolina permits realty owners to conduct important maintenance projects. Water intrusion companies recommend paying close attention to rooftop gutters and downspouts. These important waterproofing systems offer valuable assistance in reducing the risk for some types of basement leaks and crawl space moisture. In this region, five strong reasons support inspecting and repairing rooftop gutters during the summertime.

Water Intrusion Companies View Waterproofing Comprehensively

Most property owners recognize the importance of roofing. Roof leaks may allow water to penetrate indoors. Yet today, water intrusion companies also consider the runoff from roofs a potential hazard, too. They seek to maintain dry building perimeters.

Rooftop gutter systems collect rain and melting snow and ice. A series of gutter pipes and downspouts channels this liquid away from man-made structures. This technology helps prevent water runoff from pooling around building foundations and crawl spaces.

The Importance of a Dry Building Perimeter

A water-soaked perimeter potentially facilitates water intrusions into basements and crawl spaces. Hence, persistently damp ground in these sites poses problems in North Carolina. Rain falling onto waterlogged soil sometimes produces flooding, for example. It may cause water to seep through ground level windows or doorways.

For this reason, maintaining a secure rooftop gutter and downspout system promotes more effective waterproofing. Water intrusion companies urge customers to take measures to ensure adequate rooftop runoff management. Don’t allow draining rain or melting snow to continuously saturate the ground surrounding your home or business!

Five Reasons to Perform Gutter System Maintenance During Warm Weather

In fact, the arrival of warmer temperatures in this region provides a great opportunity to conduct realty maintenance projects. At least five excellent reasons support inspecting and repairing gutter systems during the summertime. Water intrusion companies urge customers not to overlook this important project:

One: Warm Weather Permits Safer Inspections

First, warm summer temperatures in North Carolina mean ice and snow won’t hinder gutter system inspections. People access rooftops more safely during this season. They can climb ladders without wearing heavy winter attire. They also don’t need to worry about slipping on icy surfaces.

Two: Combine Inspection With Gutter Cleaning More Easily

During the summer, property owners enjoy a better opportunity to both inspect and clean gutters. Frequently, windblown leaves, twigs, and mud clog these pipes. Removing this debris helps ensure drainage channels remain open.

Three: Evaluate Downspout Effectiveness

As you perform gutter system maintenance, consider paying attention to the attached downspouts. How well do these pipes transport water away from the building? Most downspouts drain water onto concrete splash blocks. Make sure these channels extend a sufficient distance away from the building perimeter.

Four: Obtain Repair Services Before The Arrival of Cold Weather

Keep in mind, if you do discover leaking, rusted, or bent gutters or downspouts, you can obtain repair services more easily during summertime. Many roofing firms offer this service. You may find it helpful to consult with water intrusion companies, also. Ensure your home or business maintains rooftop gutters and downspouts in good working condition.

Five: Request a Comprehensive Water Intrusion Inspection

Finally, did you discover significant gutter system problems? Gutters and downspouts help prevent water runoff from saturating the ground around building perimeters. They offer valuable assistance in reducing water intrusion risks. Consider seeking a comprehensive waterproofing inspection before freezing temperatures return to North Carolina.

Water Intrusion Companies Promote Year-Around Waterproofing

Water intrusion companies conduct comprehensive waterproofing inspections for customers. In fact, these waterproofing firms help property owners maintain realty in better condition. Important summer maintenance projects ultimately help prevent damage from water runoff throughout the year. This effort holds value in achieving dry, comfortable premises on a 24/7/365 basis.

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