Property Drainage Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by: Chris
Date: April 7, 2022

Property Drainage Do’s and Don’ts

Property drainage is a major issue. This is due to the fact that many areas in the region are prone to extreme differences. Some properties will be in hilly areas. Others will be in places where the ground is more level. The key to correct property drainage will be knowing what the situation needs.

Do Install Trench and Channel Drains

It’s a very good idea to install trench and channel drains. These type of drains are needed to contain and direct water so it doesn’t pool. This will be all the more true if your drains are located near areas that are inconvenient. You don’t want standing water causing drainage or sanitation problems in your back yard.

Don’t Dig Trenches on Your Property

It’s one thing to install properly formed trench and channel drains. This will be essential to get the property drainage you desire. But just digging trenches without proper drainage materials will lead to disaster. It can create huge pools of muddy water that will soon overflow. More harm than good will be done.

Do Let Drainage Water Go Back to Earth

The key to property drainage done right is letting the water that is drained find its way back to the earth. This is a natural process that you ought to do all that you can to encourage. Once it does so, it will be subject to a series of natural filtration processes. These will purify it before it goes elsewhere.

Don’t Allow Runoff to Flow into the Drainpipe

You don’t want to add to pollution by letting your runoff flow directly into the drainpipe. This can allow all kinds of debris and dangerous chemicals to run into local water sources. It’s better to filter this water through plants or soil before you send it back down the drainpipe. This will help to purify it.

Do Make Use of In-Ground Drainage Systems

You should always use an in-ground property drainage system. You can install one either in or directly below the surface. Doing so will heighten the ability to drain off this excess water. It will help to keep bulky and unsightly pipes from gaining attention from animals. The beauty of your landscape will be untouched.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Mold or Mildew

Never ignore signs of excess dampness in your basement. This can lead to the growth of dangerous mold and mildew. They can also be tell tale signs of a very serious drainage issue. If you spot any damage, you should take action to fix it immediately. Excess water, mold, and mildew can cause serious foundation issues.

Do Make Sure Your Home Foundation is Sloped

It’s always best to have a home foundation that is sloped. You want it to have dimensions that are well suited to encourage a higher level of runoff. A sloped foundation is far more manageable in this regard. If your foundation is not well rounded, you can alter it. It’s best to hire an expert local service to do this.

Don’t Channel Your Drainage Toward Your Home

One of the worst mistakes that you can make is to allow drainage to channel back to your home. Letting this water get back into your home will cause pools of standing water to form. This can cause damage to your property and also the foundation. It can also encourage the growth of dangerous mildew and bacteria.

Don’t Try to Change Your Natural Slope

When it comes to efficient property drainage, you want to make sure you have every angle covered. If your home is on a natural slope, you already have a lot of the work done for you. You should ignore advice from so-called experts who claim you should change this slope. Doing so will cause more harm than good.

Do Hire an Expert Local Drainage Service

You may not know the first thing about property drainage or how it affects your home. This is the reason you should always hire an expert local property drainage service to take care of these issues on your behalf.

It’s much better to bring in an expert instead of poking around and possibly making things worse. The local service you hire can diagnose any issues you have. They can then do the work to fix them.

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