Don’t Let Drainage Problems Ruin Your Holiday Season

Posted by: Chris
Date: December 5, 2022

Drainage Problems

According to Edward J. Murphy and his famous theory, problems arise at the least convenient times. Murphy is the engineer who remarked, “If anything can go wrong, it will.” While your mind is typically not on your lawn or foundation during the holiday season in North Carolina, it actually should be. This holiday season is likely not the time you want to prove Mr. Murphy right, especially when it comes to home drainage problems.

Experiencing drainage problems is never convenient. But these issues can disrupt your holidays in dramatic ways. January is even worse when it comes to drainage issues in the Raleigh, NC area. In fact, January is the third wettest month of the year and brings potential for ice to form wherever water seeps, drips or drains.

Below are three big ways drainage problems can affect your holiday season and how you can prevent these issues or fix them when they occur.

Pooling Water and Moisture Woes

Most households are busy during the holiday season, welcoming guests and extended family for festive events. But if you have drainage problems affecting your foundation, these celebrations can become musty, mildewy and mucky. Frankly, drainage issues can become embarrassing problems in front of your loved ones and friends.

Standing water from poor drainage also turns your lawn into a swampy, muddy mess. If people walk on the wet ground, they can accidentally track mud into your home, ruining carpeting and messing up your clean floors. Wet ground is a slip-and-fall risk that can lead to serious injuries. Drainage problems in the basement can make this space smell badly. Your damp basement can also grow unsightly and unhealthy mold or mildew that triggers your guests’ allergies, headaches or other conditions.

Instead of waiting until after the holidays or even next spring to have your home drainage and waterproofing checked, consider scheduling this service now. Remember Murphy’s Law and put yourself one step ahead of potential drainage problems just before one of the wettest times of the year. Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions provides a range of services year round. We can help you have one less problem that can go wrong for your holidays.

Bad Odors Indoors and Outside

A musty basement smell is a sure sign of a foundation drainage problem. If your basement smells badly or has mold or mildew growing within it, you need help from Drainage and Waterproofing pros. You may even be used to the musty smell wafting around your basement or other damp areas of your home. But your guests will notice it right away. Some may even suffer health effects of the mold and mildew, as mentioned above.

Outdoors, stagnant water in your lawn develops characteristic smells, too. Besides potential for smelling badly, drainage problems take away from the beauty of your holiday lights or your home’s year-round curb appeal. Pooling water and mucky areas of your lawn indicate you should call the Drainage and Waterproofing pros.

More Expensive Problems If You Wait

Waiting until spring or summer to have your drainage problems fixed may sound less stressful than handling them during the holidays. But have you considered how much more it will cost you, to wait to fix the issues? In fact, the longer you wait, the more you will likely have to pay for repairs, improved drainage and waterproofing.

The drainage problems you see, smell and otherwise sense around your home are actually subtle signs of bigger issues underground. Poor drainage can seriously affect your home’s foundation, particularly in the freeze-thaw cycle of winter. Water seeps into the foundation concrete, expanding cracks with each wintry weather storm.

Instead of regretting your decision to wait, call the Drainage and Waterproofing Solutions professionals to fix the problems now. We provide a multitude of drainage solutions to suit your specific needs. We also provide waterproofing services to stop water erosion and prevent future problems. Call Drainage & Waterproofing Solutions at (919) 508-7503 for scheduling.